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Property Maintenance

What is property maintenance?

Property maintenance is the application of cleaning, safety checks, and repairs throughout residential buildings. Applying the increases the satisfaction of tenants and guests and thereby improves a company’s reputation. This finer reputation leads to higher retention of tenants and repeats business from visitors.

Some forms of routine are used to maintain properties but most of it is reactive. Routine maintenance includes building walkthroughs, regular cleaning, and HVAC filter replacements. Reactive maintenance includes repairs for drain clogs, appliance failures, and flooding.

Types of property maintenance workers

There are two main types of property maintenance workers: the property manager, maintenance technician.

The property manager is responsible for maintaining a environment that people want to live in or visit. This means making sure the property is always clean and that appliances are in good working order. To achieve cleanliness, the property manager regular cleaning tasks to tenants. To achieve satisfaction, the manager assigns work requests from tenants and guests to the maintenance technician. The faster the technician can complete the work, the better.

The technician is an important part of the effective property because they are boots on the ground working with the tenants to complete all repair like, HVAC, water heater and other systems that require routine maintenance.

Example of property maintenance

In an apartment complex, a tenant notices a leak coming from the ceiling so they submit a maintenance request through a community portal. The property manager is notified of this request and assigns it to a technician. After the technician finds a temporary solution, they contact a plumbing contractor that permanently fixes the problem.

This is a process, but true professionals fix the leak as soon as possible by leveraging the skills of the technicians and relationships with local plumbers.